More like carecrow

I’m on the last scene of one of the novellas I started writing in November. Can’t wait to tie up the first draft. The writing lacks personality at this early stage, but I know where I want to go with it, and that’s usually a sure sign of someday getting there.

Meanwhile, it’s nice interspersing the longer projects with short ones, like my watercolor monsters. Can’t recommend it enough!


New designs for sale

Spent the snow storm reworking a couple of designs for my shop. I’ve also been listening to My Favorite Murder, watching Star Trek: Discovery, and enjoying the audiobook of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis (as read by Benedict Cumberbatch). Couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

Maybe I should think about drawing Gregor for the shop. A giant bug is a kind of monster, isn’t it?

This Jackalope loves listening to The Antlers, running very fast, and you
These ghosts love holding hands, communicating with the living, and communicating with each other