I missed you, fondant

It’s been a long time since I made anything more complicated than heart cutouts with fondant. I got to make this sloth cake at work over the weekend!

We use all natural dyes where I work, so for the brown, I thought I’d give cocoa powder a shot. It worked great! Not only that, but combined with the marshmallow fondant, it tasted like hot cocoa. (Although my coworker thought it tasted more like a tootsie roll.)

Couldn’t be more pleased. I’m going to experiment more with flavoring this fondant.


Valentines wrap-up

The goblins have been successfully distributed.

Somewhere between two and three dozen cakes have been decorated.

(A light box has been purchased to improve the quality of future cake photos.)

Time to work on the book now. I’ve got a number of writing projects going, and am always picking at them here and there, but I tend to keep just one on the front burner. This story’s been kicking around since 2014. One of those with a few false starts under its belt. I think it’s the right time to give it another try, and I love what little I’ve written so far. My goal is to have a good manuscript ready by the end of June.

Better get back to it.